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A simple way to boost your school enrolment figures

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A wise school leader makes plans ahead for the future of the school, to improve the standards and increase profits.

One of the ways to increase profits as a school is to increase the enrolment figures for each academic session. However, achieving this is usually a dilemma for most school owners and administrators, as they have little or no idea of the strategies to put in place for an increase in student enrolment numbers.

There are different strategies that schools use from direct marketing to parents of prospective students to building referrals and many more, there are endless ways to boost your school’s enrolment figures.

However, we have found out from our study that the strategies used by some schools in growing their numbers yearly are repeated placement of Newspaper advertisements and increasing engagement on social media platforms. While these are okay, they do not cover 360-degree publicity to increase the number of new students for a new session.

One key strategy is the Entrance Examination advertising campaign published in the national newspapers and online media. The Entrance Examination Guide (EEG) is the most effective marketing tool for top private secondary schools in Nigeria to increase their enrolment figures annually.

EEG has worked for hundreds of top private secondary schools. It has consistently moved some schools from relatively unknown brands to the top of the chart of the most sort after in their various locations.

The Entrance Examination Guide is a publication in form of a directory featuring schools, entrance examination dates, schools locations, facilities, curriculum and at times fees. Because it strategically uses the most widely read newspapers, it gets thousands of readers daily, especially parents who get to be informed about the dates of examinations.

One thing that remains true is the fact that various parents are on the lookout for the best and most reputable schools for their children and one of the ways for them to find reputable schools will be through verified mediums like newspapers and notable online platforms.

Hence, as a school, you must know the importance of planning ahead and the need to ensure that parents searching for good schools will be able to access details about your school easily.

An example of the entrance examination guide in newspaper publication is the Entrance Examination Guide by Edumark Consult. There is one of the bands compiling the examination dates of top private schools in Nigeria, but Edumark EEG is one of the most reliable sources to get substantial information.

The Entrance Exam Guide is an annual publication of the entrance examination details of top schools in leading newspapers in Nigeria and various social media platforms.

With thousands of prospective parents going through these newspapers daily, it is the perfect place to include your admission details where these parents can easily place a call, WhatsApp or visit your website to register their wards for the new session.

To use Edumark Consult’s Entrance Examination Guide (EEG) to boost your enrolment figures, click here.

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