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Generic Brand Communication in Today’s Global Market

In: Marketing

Just as all human beings have names that represent their unique identity in society, similarly companies give unique brand names for their products to facilitate their distinction from the competitor’s brands.

Branding and marketing communication today have created a massive product globalization and glocalization. A large number of generic brand’s product are available, but not all brands are liked by consumers as choice is highly influenced by the product but also the manufacturer.

Brand identity is essential in competition because without it there is no way of making a choice. The selection of a brand name is considered an art form because it is born out of the creative interpretation of research. The following should be considered before settling for a brand name:

  • Easy to pronounce
  • Product benefits  
  • Registered trade mark.

Effective generic consumer engagement involves effective packaging which when effectively done proffer a high return on investment in terms of sales volumes. Innovative packaging helps increase consumer patronage and consumer scope. These are all important aspects of brand communication and packaging as a whole.

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